Ambient Soul Vibrations New Domain

Collection Of Ambient Music

Ambient Soul Vibrations New Domain

Arriving in The Near Future!

Since the development website is taking form, I decided it was time to purchase my own domain name and host my own website. In the past year and and a half I have developed the website. I have hosted my own website on a sub-domain under a domain I already own.

Its looking ok so far. Now its time to take the next step. I researched my current Hosting provider and their prices were reasonable, so I pulled the trigger.

Of course this will take a little time, no rush. I have taken my time to enjoy the journey and it’s been a great path I have traveled. Since this is my hobby and I am not doing this for profit and for exposure, I am very please with the outcome.

I will post updates on the progress as things get set up. It may take a little time, so this website will be fully operational during the transitional process.

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